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Technology That Removes Friction and Improves Efficiency

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Part Two – Technology That Removes Friction and Improves Efficiency

Series: Getting Paid On Time and On-Site
Guest: Marcel Donnelly from Flat Rate NOW

The advancements in technology have undoubtedly made human lives more comfortable and more convenient. Thus, it is not surprising that businesses make use of technology to avoid human errors and improve efficiency.

In the second part of this series, Marcel shares valuable insights to help businesses streamline their operations using technological applications and devices. It is not technology’s goal to completely replace human contribution. Its purpose is to help business owners with primary concerns like product delivery and communicating with clients.

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About this podcast, ‘Technology That Removes Friction and Improves Efficiency’

Podcast Highlights:

  • 02:47 – Importance of technology in the industry
  • 07:11 – Recap of the first episode
  • 09:48 – Proper devices and applications to use
  • 18:27 – Technological adjustments in the workplace
  • 19:49 – Frictions that technology can remove
  • 26:02 – Efficiency improvement in the space of double entry
  • 28:46 – Upfront pricing and managing objections
  • 30:49 – Low fly mode
  • 32:35 – Additional applications and tools
  • 34:17 – Importance of data in today’s world

This episode encourages company owners to use technology to their advantage. It is also noteworthy that the majority of employees come from Generation X and Y. These people are knowledgeable about technology, and businesses must use it to their advantage.

With the use of technology, information can be readily available to both customers and owners. A company must be aware of the proper devices and applications that will help them in improving their business’ efficiency.

Marcel also emphasized the importance of data in today’s world. Data is now a commodity, and businesses must use and manage these data properly. Using technology is one of the ways by which companies can efficiently manage data. To learn more about using data for your business, don’t miss the last part of this series, Using Data to Create an Amazing Customer Experience.

About Marcel Donnelly

Marcel Donnelly is the Director of Flat Rate NOW, Australia’s first choice plumbing software. Based in Sydney, Australia, Flat Rate NOW helps its clients take their plumbing, gasfitting, and drainage business to the cloud. From time and material pricing, they can go to digital flat rate pricing to increase their deals, sales, and save them time.

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Marcel has left behind 5 electrical and 5 plumbing inspection checklist resources for you to get hold of. They come complete with frameworks and instructions on how to best use them. Complete the form and get taken to the folder that contains all of the documents.


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