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From 2 Staff to 300 in 9 Years

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From 2 Staff to 300 in 9 Years

Guest: John Akhoian, founder and owner of Rooter Hero

Success, in any field, can sometimes be quite polarizing. Achieving that gold medal—that reward, that end goal—can sometimes stop you from seeing the path and stepping stones that you went through to get from A to B to your goal. The common notion people have when looking at successful business owners is that it was a quick, effortless overnight success for them. But that is rarely the case.

In today’s episode, we will break down some of the fundamental blocks and stepping stones that helped our guest get to today’s level. We’re joined today by John Akhoian, founder and CEO who has grown his plumbing business, Rooter Hero, from having two staff members to 300 in nine years.

If you think that your business will never grow because of XYZ, this is the podcast you need to tune into, because as you will learn, it is very achievable.

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About this podcast, ‘From 2 Staff to 300 in 9 Years’

Podcast Highlights:

  • 05:23 – Getting into the plumbing trade
  • 09:23 – Investing in and implementing a franchise business structure to a plumbing business
  • 10:31 – Learning to read numbers and financial statements through franchising
  • 13:21 – The importance of networking within franchising groups
  • 14:42 – Reading the right books for success
  • 17:52 – Meeting and creating a network with the right people
  • 20:53 – How internal training programs help build and empower staff in the field
  • 26:12 – Organizational chart, mindset shift, and clear growth path
  • 29:13 – The key obstacles and essential winnings for business growth
  • 33:02 – Partnerships and positions
  • 35:27 – How profiling and culture index becomes crucial in a business’ success
  • 38:31 – The importance of a collaborative work environment and relationship-building process in a business
  • 43:59 – Performance indicators and incentives
  • 48:17 – Having a clearly defined map the company’s direction

The episode highlights the obstacles that come with every business journey, and how with the right mindset and willpower, you can overcome these challenges. There are no successful people who didn’t undergo and are still undergoing complicated business processes.

John’s books The Secret to Real Wealth, Creating 99 Millionaires, and Values First are available at Amazon. Click on the images below to get yours.

About Our Guest
John Akhoian is the founder and CEO of Rooter Hero Plumbing. Based in Los Angeles, California, Rooter Hero Plumbing pride themselves in providing quality work, competitive pricing, and professional service on every plumbing service appointment. John and Rooter Hero have demonstrated a history of quality work in the consumer services industry. He is also an opinion columnist for the CEOWORLD Magazine.

You can reach John on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.

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