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“It’s never as bad as it seems guys” – Jason Spaull

August marks’Tradies National Health Month here in Australia

With that in mind, I asked Jason Spaull to come on the show to talk about business, suicide and how to keep your head above the water when times seem tough.

Like a lot of you folks reading this, Jason runs his own business. Also like you and I, Jason experiences the ups and downs of running a traditional business.

As we all know, there are good times and bad in business, however for many the bad can seem so bad that it becomes all too much. No one knows this better than Jason.

Jason’s world get’s turned upside down

You see two years ago, Jason’s brother took his life by suicide.

“He was always the life of the party and everyone loved him”, said Jason, however circumstances that (Jason is convinced) stemmed from his work led him down a dark path of depression to which he would never return.

In this podcast, Jason talks to us about his experience and he also talks to us about what he believes was the conrtibuting cause of his brothers mental health decline.

Acknowledge something is wrong and take action

Jason is a firm believer that if we can get better at understanding how to run our businesses, our whole lives will improve as a result. if we’re making money, then that’s one huge stress that we don’t have to encounter.

Education is the key. We don’t know, what we don’t know.

Jason quotes, ‘If your car is playing up, you’ll take it to a mechanic. If you’re feeling sick, you’ll go to ac doctor, however if you’re unsure about something in your business, or our personal life, we normally bottle it up and try to deal with it ourselves.”

Guys, it’s okay to seek help.

This podcast is here as a resource for you and there are many other resources that you can turn to if you need help dealing with stress, anxiety, negative thinking, etc.

I am more than happy to speak with anyone that needs it, as are I’m sure many people around you. You just need to ask.

Remember, it’s NEVER as bad as you think.
People care about you, so if you’re struggling with anything, don’t be afraid to take the first step.

Here are a couple of resources for you:

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