Goal Setting

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Goal Setting

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Everyone knows the importance of setting goals, but achieving them is a different thing for most people. One can create a goal today and forget about it the next month or give up on it, especially when it gets tricky. If this seems to be the case with you, you need not fret. There are practical ways to go about it so you can see your goals come to fruition! 

In this podcast episode, I talk with one of our highly-esteemed guests in the show, Al Levi. Al shares practical ways to set goals, whether personal or in business, and achieve them. These ways are the very ones he uses himself, so you can be sure that they work. We discuss the importance of accountability and beliefs. We also talk about why you need your goals to be clear and why meetings make up a vital part of achieving your goals. 

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What’s Discussed in This Episode:

0:00 The 7-Power Offer 

3:35 Al talks about the 7 Power Contractor 

6:48 The importance of mindset training 

7:52 Working together towards the same direction 

9:58 The org chart 

10:25 Writing your goals down and holding yourself accountable  

12:29 Ten golden rules for personal and business 

14:16 Clarity of goals 

15:05 Meetings are essential; meetings with ‘me’ 

16:44 Examine what you truly believe and fix your struggles 

18:11 Writing down the positive and negative beliefs and destroying the latter 

20:51 Helpful recommendations on how you can revisit your goals

22:48 Accountability 

27:48 Framework for goals 

34:00 Four things people in your flat org chart should know 

36:04 Why people don’t want to set goals

38:48 Get better at numbers (even if you don’t like them)

41:37 Main goals to focus on   

44:26 What if you don’t reach your goals despite following everything?

About the Guest:

Al Levi is president of The 7-Power Contractor (formerly Appleseed Business), a business consulting and training firm that has helped hundreds of service and installation-based contracting businesses run better since 2002. 

He also is a columnist for Plumbing & Mechanical (PM) magazine and Reeves Journal, and the author of “The 7-Power Contractor: Run Your Contracting Business With Less Stress and More Success”. The book lays out seven simple business powers that hundreds of owners have implemented successfully, often transforming their businesses.



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