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How to Transition Your Business When You’re Forced Off the Tools

How to Transition Your Business When You’re Forced Off the Tools (3)

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Business transitions due to physical or mental limitations caused by untoward incidents are a painful reality. Most business owners find that the only viable solution once this happens to them is that they have to close shop and go out of business which doesn’t always have to be the case. You can survive and have a thriving business, given that you seek the help you need to go through this transition smoothly. 

In this podcast episode, the second part of the series, Adapting to Forced Change, Genevieve and I talk about what a business transition looks like when forced off the tools as a business owner. We discuss the importance of accountability and how having someone who can help you get another perspective on your dilemma is crucial. Gen also shares a case study that will encourage you to push through when you go through unfortunate circumstances like accidents or illnesses.

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What’s Discussed in This Episode:

0:00 The Elevation Program  

5:25 The inability of most businesses to pick up the business owner’s role

5:59 Keeping owners off the tools 

8:50 Creating a routine around the new normal 

9:42 The need for accountability

11:01 Physical limitations are a painful reality 

13:33 Business mentoring 

16:02 A holistic look at your business

16:57 Thinking outside the box

17:27 Income protection insurance 

18:01 Case study  

21:42 Takeaways from the episode 

About the Guest:

Genevieve Cassuci is a qualified health professional with postgraduate qualifications in Rehabilitation Counselling with substantial experience in the health sector. Besides that, she has concurrently personally owned and partnered in several business operations in Allied Health, professional consultancy, food manufacturing, hospitality, events management, franchising, and export.

Eventually, Gen identified the benefit of blending her business acumen with the needs of people who have acquired a disabling medical condition. Through Pivotl she, and her team mentor and guide business owners and want-to-be entrepreneurs to recreate, re-structure, re-think, re-adjust and re-assess their business, now that they have medical limitations to factor into their futures.

Genevieve and her team work with new and existing business owners and entrepreneurs from various industries and in any location to grow and diversify their businesses.


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