TSS081_General Health and Wellness for Tradies National Health Month 2016

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TSS081_General Health and Wellness
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Your General Health and Wellness should be your number one priority. So is it?

Series name: Keeping Healthy, Happy and Mobile

Guest: Cris Massis

Series Overview:
To find out more about this awesome initiative, I have asked David Hall and Cris Massis to join me in a short series, where we break down specific parts of the program to get a better insight into the program. Tradies National Health Month is put together by the Australian Physiotherapy Association and it’s designed to raise some awareness around issues relating to tradies health.

General Health and Wellness
As the CEO of the Tradies National Health Month, Cris’s number one responsibility is ensuring that our beloved tradies have a healthy, happy balance in life. Although Cris himself is not a physio, he certainly has a unique perspective on the realities that tradies face on a day to day basis, which is evident in his leadership position for the campaign.

In this podcast, Cris takes us on a holistic journey through the many areas of life that contribute to being happy and health. Considering things like fitness, diet, mindset, family, friendship and much more. Enjoy.

Head across to the Tradies National Health website and check out what they’re up to. It’s a fantastic program that’s calling for support, so get involved.

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Link to part three of the series

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