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TSS092_From A-B with Devon Tilly

tss092 with devon tilly
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Meet Mr Devon Tilly. Owner of Mountain View Window & Door and cohost of The Art Of Construction Podcast.

Guest: Devon Tilly

From: Mountain View Window & Door | The Art Of Construction Podcast

It’s always an honour when I get the opportunity to collaborate with individuals that share a similar vision to myself.

My guest on todays show is a man that I have a lot in common with from a professional point of view. Devon Tilly runs of The Art Of Construction Podcast based out of Colorado, where together with his cohost Kevin Keefe, they invest heavily in educating Tradespeople, Contractors and Architects about business.

I was lucky enough to be a guest on their show a little while back (click here to check out that podcast) and it was fantastic to learn that we both share such similar motives. After speaking with Devon a little more, I approached him to see if he’d be willing to come on The Site Shed to speak about his business journey.

Devon has a really interesting and inspiring story and unlike many of the overnight success stories we regularly hear about today, Devon’s success has come as a result of great leadership, having strong mentors, strategic planning and hard work.

Devon acquired his business five years ago, when at the time it was a two man show. Since then Devon his grown Mountain View Window &  Door to a team of over 20 and they are now regarded as Colorado’s premier prestige door and window supply and instal company.

In this podcast, Devon talks to me about his decision to Niche himself and he also talks about the approach he took to target the top end of the market, using strategic leverage with the strong partnerships he has formed and continues to form with suppliers and architects.

Like most of us business owners, the road has not been easy for Devon, however as he quotes in this podcast, “what doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger”.
Devon’s business is now growing steadily and the future is looking great.

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You’ll love the dynamic that Devon and Kevin (or Dev and Kev) have. They have a very different, yet fun approach to the interviewing process, which was interesting to me. Obviously I’m used to doing things a certain way at The Site Shed, so it was a good experience for me to see how they run theirs and I’d be lying if I didn’t say there are certain things they much better than I.

In this podcast we speak about a number of things, especially on the marketing front.
Kev, Dev and I spoke about websites, local marketing, social media and content creation and I also left them with a useful framework for listeners that are interested in building an online profile.

I hope you enjoy this show and make sure you head across to the links to subscribe to their show.

Here’s the link to the original podcast, complete with show notes, and relevant links.

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