Finding and Retaining All The Staff You Need

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If you’re a tradie, you know that finding and retaining good staff is essential to your business. But it can be tough – good staff are hard to find, and they’re even harder to keep around. So what’s the best way to go about it? Tune in to this episode, and we’ll share with you how you can find and keep the best people for the job with the right approach! Together with Al Levi of 7-Power Contractors, we are going to talk about some tips and tricks on how to find staff that are a good fit for your company culture and make sure they stick around for the long haul. Tune in to this podcast to know more about 7-Power Contractor and be guided on how to find and retain all the staff you need for your trade business.
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Discussion Points:

01:00 Streamline your business with 7-Power Contractors
02:50 Introduction of topics for this podcast
06:30 Evolution of recruitment around global and local issues
08:46 How investing on systems can help your business to find willing techs with great skill
12:24 The story of how trade operating manuals helped their trade business
13:27 The power of organisational chart in a business and finding the right employees
19:05 How marketing can be used to find employees
20:00 Steps you need to take before hiring
24:23 Matt’s view on team member’s understanding about their role
25:19 Business owner’s dilemma on recruitment
29:32 2 things a trade business owner should work on
32:36 How leadership can improve your business
38:08 Helping your employee with job security
45:45 4 Steps of Corrective Actions
53:51 Advocating Time Tracking Sheets to track your employee’s productivity
59:40 Implement Process to your business with 7-Power Contractor Program


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