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You’re Never Too Old To Learn Something New

Guest: David Griffiths

During your formative years, you learn everything you need to know to pass school exams. Then you sign-up for an apprenticeship to boost the skills you have to complement your chosen career. After decades of hard work, an excellent retirement plan is what most people look forward to at the end of their careers. The standard trajectory of most careers involve these simple steps.

Now that you’ve retired, what happens next? Anything—from a life of relaxation to finally pursuing your interests and passions.

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About this podcast, ‘You’re Never Too Old To Learn Something New’

Podcast Highlights:

  • 4:25 – Structure and Stages of an Apprenticeship
  • 6:40 – The Risks of Working with Steam
  • 9:11 – The Job of a Marine Engineer
  • 11:21 – Powering Steam Vessels
  • 14:48 – Starting Over at 76
  • 16:26 – Getting Accredited by Learning on the Job
  • 19:17 – Fabrication: Modern Technology vs. Older Industries
  • 27:33 – Where Is Funding Sourced?
  • 32:11 – Progress in the Foreseeable Future

In this podcast, we will stray from the usual talk of business and productivity to sit down with David Griffiths. He shares with us his experiences as we explore the idea of what it means to pursue your passion regardless of arbitrary limitations like age.

About Our Guest
David Griffith is a 76-year-old apprentice at Sydney Heritage Fleet, who has amazed many with his dedication and passion for learning beyond his years. He was a successful businessman involved in appliances up until 2004 when he sold his business before retiring. His interest in transport stemmed from his childhood when his biggest ambition was to be a marine engineer.

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