Proof that your trade business can run while you travel the world

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Do you like the sound of travelling the world, while your business grows?

We all dream of having a business that can thrive without getting ourselves involved every step of the way.

For most business owners, everything they can really ask from their trade business is self-sustainability. The reality, however, is often a long and winding road from actually happening. In fact, it’s so far away, it’s probably more accurate to call it a wish.

As tradespeople, it can seem even more out of reach than other businesses. We normally work in a local area and to a degree, we’re kind of tied to that location.

So how can we create a business that runs without us when it’s so dependant on us being there?

There are a lot of roadblocks when it comes to stepping away from our business. Things like; Unreliable and untrustworthy staff; financial stress customers and clients; etc.

However, if we didn’t have those concerns, could it be possible that we could remove ourselves for a week or two? What about a month or two? What about a year or two?

Meet the man, that’s living the dream

In this podcast, I’m speaking with a humble kitchen builder on the Northern Beaches of Sydney, that has managed to build a business that enables him to live the life of his dreams.

I just want to reiterate that this gentleman is a KITCHEN BUILDER, so I can permanently remove the, “yeah but my business is so different” argument.

My guest on the show today is Darren McKavanagh, who is a very active member of our amazing private Facebook community (if you’re not in that group, you should be). Here’s the Link.

Darren runs ‘The Kitchen Maker’ and is a partner in ‘Total Polyurethane’. Both are local Northern Beaches businesses, both have full-time staff and BOTH of them currently run without him.

In this podcast, I talk to Darren about his beginnings and how he managed to build his business in a way that has enabled him the freedom that he has today.

We discuss, organisation structure, team management, KPI’s and incentives, mentors, coaching, systems, processes and a lot more.

What makes this podcast really cool, is that while I was in Sydney recoding, Darren was on his yacht in Turkey, to where he’d just returned from 10 weeks skiing in the French Alps.

You’ve heard it first, folks!

So, for all of you critics that say it can’t be done, this is proof that it can…and it is being done.

I hope you enjoy listening to this podcast as much as I enjoyed recording it. It’s amazing to hear stories of people that have achieved such amazing results with their businesses.

My hope for you is that you too build the business of your dreams, whatever that means for you. In many cases, we’re our own worst enemies. If we can learn to get out of our own way, greatness awaits!

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