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Accountability – Using Your Numbers to Hold Your Team Accountable in Your Journey Together

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Isn’t it just hard to motivate yourself when you’re not even sure what kind of metrics you have to meet to achieve a certain goal? We all want our businesses to achieve greater heights. But without setting clear steps that you and your team can commit to, the journey might take you forever, if not never! So what can you do to make sure everyone plays their part in the journey towards achieving that goal?

We’ll know the answer as we reach the 3rd and final part of our “Measuring What You Manage: The Only Way to Run a Profitable Business at Scale” series with Danny Kerr. Today, we’ll talk about how you can keep you and your team accountable to ensure the growth of your business. We’ll be looking at the organisational chart and how that ties in with accountability.

If you want to accurately measure your company’s financial results, then you’ll find a lot of value and insight by listening to this episode now.

What’s Discussed in This Episode:

  1. Why is accountability important? [04:22]
    1. We all need someone to keep us accountable [07:02]
  2. Holding yourself and your team accountable [08:13]
  3. How to ask for a raise [09:39]
  4. By presenting career opportunities, you can retain your best talents [10:09]
  5. The link between the organisational structure and accountability [11:46]
    • To give your team numerical goals, give them a bigger goal [13:52]
  6. The benefits of having an organisational structure [15:06]
  7. Why you need to bake your key metrics into the employee agreement [18:37]
    • How to identify what key metrics to include [22:01]
    • The key is to have measurable goals that have bonuses on them [24:33]
  8. Using tools to effectively communicate with your team [25:04]
  9. No big idea can be created until it’s project-managed to existence [27:14]
  10. The project management checklist is an ongoing work-in-progress [29:51]
  11. Competency models for standard operating procedures [31:13]
  12. Budgeting, forecasting, and accountability all need to work together [33:31]
    • Companies should link their budget, org chart, and job description with each other [34:11]
  13. To remove yourself from the business, you need to have an org chart [35:23]
  14. The three faces of leadership [38:44]

About the Guest:

Danny Kerr created his own success in life by starting his own trades business and used the profits to buy his first home. By age 20, he had taken a leadership position with a franchise company and grew sales by 225% in one year. He then spent the next 6 years scaling businesses before co-founding Breakthrough Academy as a way to open horizons for other trades entrepreneurs. 

Breakthrough Academy now works with over 300 contractors across the continent, managing over $900 million worth of revenue, and was rated Canada’s 16th fastest start-up by MacLean’s magazine in 2018.



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