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TSS072_Creating engaging content

TSS072_Creating engaging content
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Engaging content keeps your customers interested.

Series: Becoming an Industry Expert

Cohost: Erin Haskell from

Becoming an Industry Expert Overview.

You may remember back in episode TSS060, when Dan Holohan, who is well regarded as the worlds leading expert on heating joined us on Toolbox Talks. Dan’s journey is nothing short of remarkable. He’s (so far) the author of 18 books on the topic of heating, and the website receives millions of views every month, however it wouldn’t have gotten to where it has without his amazing daughter Erin.

When I last spoke Dan, he told me that Erin has taken the business to levels he never thought possible. After recording this series with her, I can see what he meant. Erin has an amazing knowledge of the online space and has been able to impart her skills into the business, thus turning it into a total machine.

Never before have we had someone on the show that can truly claim to be a world renowned expert in their industry/niche, so sit back and take some notes, because this is gold.

Episode 2, Creating Engaging Content

We’ve all been in situations where we’re sent something we simply don’t care about.
It might be a blog post, it might be a video, it might be an email, it might even be a podcast. Clearly not one of ours though…right?

Like it or not, content creation is the hart of relationship building, however engaging content creation is the heart and brains. If your audience is engaged, it’s clear they’re taking an interest in what you’re doing. At the end of the day, it’s all about adding value and if you can do that well, then you’ll be on your way to successfully building the one thing that will reap you countless rewards, TRUST.

I don’t know any platform that creates more engaging content than Heating Help and in this podcast, Erin talks about how with she’s able to use content to break through the noise.
With an active forum  that boasts over 10,000 threads, it’s pretty fair to say, she knows what she’s talking about.

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Episode One – Finding Your Niche


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