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TSS090_Creating an innovative customer experience

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Are you creating an innovative customer experience?

Series: Innovate your business

Cohost: Nils Vesk from Innovation Blueprint

We’ve covered quite a lot in relation to trying to stand out in your market on The Site Shed in previous episodes.

  • In episode TSS059, we covered off on some guerrilla marketing tactics with Adrian from Trained To Sell.
  • In episode TSS071, we spoke with Erin from Heating Help about how to niche yourself.
  • In episode TSS076, Dave Jenyns taught us about creating Authority Content and
  • In episode TSS085, Greg Hamlyn spoke to us directly about how to stand out against our competition.

In this series, I’m joined by Nils Vesk and we’re talking about how to us innovation as your differentiator. Being innovative is a powerful tool when it comes to standing out. If you’re trying to be the green apple in the red apple basket, you need to do things differently.

Nils has coached all types of business owners, ranging from huge global organisations, right through to humble plumbers about employing tactics that make you the green apple.

I know you’ll love this series. Nils is a master communicator and a globally recognised author and expert on the topic of innovation, so take lots of notes and be sure to get a copy of your FREE ‘Innovation Strategy Map’ from the section below.

Episode 3. Creating an innovative customer experience

In this podcast we’re talking about innovation, but from the perspective of the customer.
What sort of customer experience are you providing? Is it the type that all of your competitors offer, or are you good at being creative in trying to differentiate yourself.

Nils is the master at creating an innovative customer experience and he has applied his framework in huge global corporations looking to improve things like conversions and feedback. As Nils states in this podcast however, it’s completely relevant to anyone in business. It doesn’t matter if you’re a sole trader, or a business tycoon, innovation is what has the potential to:
a.) make you stand out
b.) keep your customers coming back
c.) earn you referrals

Once again, enjoy the podcast and go innovate something 😉

Be sure to get your FREE copy of the Innovation Strategy Map. Nils implements this strategy into organisations right across the country and it’s your’s today for nothing!

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