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Knowing Your Money Archetype

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Understanding the financial aspect of your business is one way to manage your finances better. But
does it stop there? As we all know, understanding your personality — both strengths and weaknesses —is one effective way to understand yourself better. The same goes with your money archetype.

Today, Craig Minter joins us to talk about the eight different money archetypes, their strengths and
weaknesses. What sort of archetype are you? Are you ‘the maverick’, or ‘the romantic’?

Well, those are only two of the eight money archetypes and if you want to know which one resonates with you best, go ahead and listen to this podcast!

What’s Discussed In This Episode:

0:00 Opportunity Analysis

1:54 Welcome to the podcast

2:35 Why you need to set up a finance management system for your business

6:06 Our topic for today

8:15 Craig’s business background

12:01 The power that comes in understanding the financial side of your business and your money

14:51 Leverage your finances with the right data and the right mindset

17:41 Don’t just understand YOUR money archetype, understand your clients too!

25:06 An overview of each of the eight money archetypes

41:42 There’s power in identifying your money archetype’s strengths and weaknesses

About The Guest:

Craig Minter is a Business Strategy and Profitability Coach. He helps business owners accelerate growth and profitability through strategic business coaching. Craig is passionate about empowering other business owners to make decisions with ease and improve their results through strategic business and profitability coaching.


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