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Navigating the Coronavirus as a Small Business – Expert Panel Discussion

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With the current coronavirus pandemic spreading across the globe, business owners are dealing with a lot of apprehension and fear. We don’t really know what’s going to happen in the future and what will be the full impact to our businesses. But that isn’t a reason to let panic set in.

In this special episode, we have an expert panel here to help mitigate some of the fear business owners have. We go through several topics involving HR, accounting, and the law to help people know what they can do in order to make the situation better.

If you’re a small business owner confused on how to operate during this crisis, then don’t let this opportunity pass and tune in.


What’s Discussed In This Episode:

  • Being clear and understanding government requirements [06:29]
  • Positive things to come out of this crisis [10:34]
  • Advice for keeping calm [11:26]
  • Possible shutdown of offices and employment concerns [14:04]
  • Australian government stimulus package, incentives, and cash rebates [16:46]
  • Welfare extensions and payroll tax deferral [24:51]
  • The impact on business operations and the shift in marketing and communications [27:36]
  • Things to be aware of about existing contracts [32:30]
  • The opportunity to implement efficiencies and processes [40:16]
  • Changes in accountability and project management [45:46]


About Our Guests

Stephen Luxmoore is from Your HR Team. He has been consulting in HR for 20 years and has spent 8 years consulting for private businesses.

Travis Reading is the co-founder of Tradiematepro, which provides coaching and advice to Australian tradie business owners.

Helen Kay is a contracts lawyer from The Contracts Lawyer.

Bill Petrovski is a partner at Hall Chadwick, an accounting firm.

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