Creating a Profit & People Plan

Welcome to the third part of our three-part series with Craig Minter, where we talk about the careful considerations you have to make before actually bringing a new member into the team.

Cashflow Forecasting With Profit First

In this second part of our three-part series, Craig Minter and I talk about the beauty of implementing the Profit First framework to your own business. We also talk about the difference between cashflow forecasting and budgeting. Which one will your business benefit from the most?

Knowing Your Money Archetype

Today, Craig Minter joins us to talk about the eight different money archetypes, their strengths and weaknesses. What sort of archetype are you? Are you ‘the maverick’, or ‘the romantic’?

What is Edification

Today, I am here with Peter Cox, the founder of Leadership Dynamics, TEDx speaker, and a High-Performance Leadership Expert. This podcast episode discusses the importance of edification to business owners and how it dramatically benefits one’s business.

Finding Red Flags in Business

Today, we have Walter Hill, Jr. — Chairman of the Board and CEO of Icon Blue, Inc. and author of Think Red Flags. He gives us a peek into his experience in business and how he became successful through red-flagging.

The 7 Business Levers

In this insightful episode, we’re joined by Pete Williams — a renowned marketing strategist and author of the book, Cadence: A Tale of Fast Business Growth. Pete talks about the 7 Business Levers and how you can apply these areas of focus to your business framework so you can see your business scale in no time.

Rapidly Reinvent Your Marketing

Nils Vesk, author of The Reinvention Sprint, takes innovation to the next level by empowering entrepreneurs to reinvent their business processes, driving sales in the process. He shot to fame when he released his books, “Innovation Archetypes” and “Ideas with Legs.” With 2 decades of designing the framework of innovation, Nils has been sharing his knowledge with the world non-stop.

Reinvent How You Deliver What The Customer Really Wants

Nils Vesk – the inventor of the ‘Innovation Archetypes Process’ — educates us about the application of strategic thinking in our marketing strategies. Nils focuses on how we can be more customer-centric, from identifying their common misconceptions to matching their values- and how we can make that a part of our process to drive more sales.