Equipping Your Team For Success

Join me in today’s discussion as we tackle the different strategies you can implement to set yourself up and your team for success.

From Humble Cleaner to National Franchise

Neel Parekh — the founder and CEO of MaidThis, a cleaning business, informs us in our chat today about the key indicators you need to put in mind when starting a franchise business. Neel shares the story of how they managed to navigate their business through the recent struggles we’ve been faced with, including this pandemic. We also talk about how your growth as an individual is beneficial to the growth of your business.

From a Team of 1 to 15 in 5 Years

From a Team of 1 to 15 in 5 Years

Taylor shares essential details on how he grew his landscaping business from a team of 1 to 15 in just five years. He also discusses how investing in marketing and hiring a coach helped with his fast-paced growth, and the goal every business owner must have, and why learning must never stop.

The Success Journey of a Mid-sized Electrical Company

The Success Journey of a Mid-sized Electrical Company

In this week’s podcast episode, I talk with Sam Friend, the managing director of Stag Electrical. Sam shares how Stag Electrical started and how it has evolved to become the company that it is today. Sam talks about what it took to expand their services and why he thinks a business’s biggest asset is its staff. He also discusses the importance of marketing and what he envisions the company to be like in the future.

The Success Journey of a Mid-sized Roofing Company

The Success Journey of a Mid-sized Roofing Company site

In my conversation with Patrick Readyhough, We talk about the importance of leveraging your business’s database and how to retain customers instead of always looking for new ones. We also talk about accountability and coaching and how Patrick’s role has evolved over the years he’s been in business.

Small Wins with Peter Kendall

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In this week’s podcast episode, I am joined by Peter Kendall. He is the Director and Founder of Expanse Builders and We Hang Doors. He is one of The Site Shed’s avid podcast listeners. Peter shares his business journey and how he has brought it to where it is today. He also talks about how he is utilising Facebook to gather leads and bring in new customers. His story is indeed inspirational and encourages business owners that growing one’s business is not an impossible feat.

You’re Not in the Joinery Business, You’re in the Manufacturing Business!

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Bruce Poling, Director at The Joinery Coach, joins us today to share his story on how he made that shift himself. We talk about how he sold his joinery business and started to pursue business coaching, what the value of a good onboarding process is to make sure things get done right from the start, and why you should be receptive to coaching and new learning.

Should We Get Back On Track OR Get Onto a New Track

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In this week’s podcast episode, Paul Dunn, a world-renowned entrepreneur and TEDx speaker, joins us to share his incredible business insights and the value of doing great little things for you and your business that eventually builds up to bigger, more significant results.

How to Become a National Award-Winning Trade Business

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In this episode, we’re talking with Tom Martin of Water Tight Canberra, which won the ‘Small and Succeeding’ category of the 2019 ACT Telstra Business Awards. Today, we’ll cover the right mindset and foundation behind this win. We’ll also talk about the role of education and being agile in business and how building to scale looks like.