From Humble Cleaner to National Franchise

Neel Parekh — the founder and CEO of MaidThis, a cleaning business, informs us in our chat today about the key indicators you need to put in mind when starting a franchise business. Neel shares the story of how they managed to navigate their business through the recent struggles we’ve been faced with, including this pandemic. We also talk about how your growth as an individual is beneficial to the growth of your business.

Owning a Job vs. Owning a Business

In this value-packed episode, we have Gabriel Pinchev, CEO of FieldPulse to talk about the basics of running a valuable business. We also cover essential topics, such as using technology to systemise a business, showcasing your expertise to the target clients, leveling up your company website’s content, and more!

The YouTube Strategy of An Up and Coming Landscape Gardening

The YouTube Strategy of An Up and Coming Landscape Gardening

Learn the answers to that question as I chat with Odyssey Landscapes’ Taylor Lukic about content strategies. Make sure to tune in to this episode to learn how to get started with your video content and come up with photos and videos that help you get referrals and more clients.

Creating a Recurring Revenue Model in a Trade Business

Creating a recurring revenue model in a trade business

In this second part of my conversation with John Warrilow, we discuss the necessary preparations that business owners should do to seal the right deal come selling time. We also talk about possible scenarios that company owners may find themselves in after selling.

Preparing a Trade or Contracting Business for Sale

Preparing a Trade or Contracting Business for Sale

In this week’s podcast episode, I have a fantastic conversation on the topic of preparing trade or contracting businesses for sale with John Warrilow. He covers three steps in making your business available to acquire – TVR, Productise, and Systematise. We also talk about what is in the mind of a person looking to acquire a business.

Goal Setting

Goal Setting

Everyone knows the importance of setting goals, but achieving them is a different thing for most people. One can create a goal today and forget about it the next month or give up on it, especially when it gets tricky. If this seems to be the case with you, you need not fret. There are practical ways to go about it so you can see your goals come to fruition!

Tradify’s Pulse Part Two

Tradify’s Pulse Part Two

In this week’s podcast episode, I talk once again with Michael Steckler of Tradify. We discuss the reason behind the Tradify Pulse reports and how it has helped more tradespeople understand what’s happening business-wise. Michael also shares the key insights they have found into their latest report and what advantages await those who are open about using software to automate and ease their processes.

How to Hold Kick-Ass Meetings

How to Hold Kick-Ass Meetings (4)

In this episode, I welcome Eric Anderton to the show. Eric and I talk about valuable information about meetings. Eric shares what a well-structured meeting looks like that will get you to solve the problems that you face in your business. He also talks about identifying your rally cry, areas of fierce focus, and the critical number you tie to each area of fierce focus.

Gracefully Exit – Your Options

The Site Shed - Gracefully Exit Your Options (3)

In today’s podcast episode, the third and final of the Exit Strategy vs. Wishful Hoping series, Danielle Putnam and I discuss how to go about a graceful exit. We also discuss the importance of identifying your time’s highest use and why it is crucial to delegate some of it. We also tackle the importance of technology and a lot more.

Value Building

The Site Shed - Value Building

In today’s podcast episode, I talk once again with my guest Danielle Putnam. This episode is the second of a three-part series called Exit Strategy vs. Wishful Hoping. Danielle discusses the things buyers look into during the acquisition of your business. She also shares the areas that a business owner should look in to create more business value. She encourages business owners to make constant room for improvements in their business today.