Profit First for Tradies – Author Conversation

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In today’s podcast, we will be uncovering Katie Marshall’s book, Profit First for Tradies. Katie is a certified profit first coach who helps tradies, in particular, manage their finances and how to coordinate with their accountants and bookkeepers effectively while following the profit-first framework.

Budgeting – Knowing Your Numbers & Establishing a Great Sales and Financial Plan

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In this week’s podcast episode, Danny Kerr—co-founder of Breakthrough Academy and a repeat guest—joins us once more in the first episode of the “Measuring What You Manage: The Only Way to Run a Profitable Trades Business at Scale” series. Today, we talk about budgeting and how it is essential to be able to interpret and break down your financial data effectively.

Keeping Accountable and Measuring Results

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In Part 3 of the ‘Strategic Planning for Business Success’ mini-series, Kim Archer from BDR—a company that provides training and coaching services to the HVAC industry—joins us once more to talk about how to keep you and your team accountable for achieving your daily goals to set your company up for success.

Building Your Business Roadmap

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This episode marks the second part of the ‘Strategic Planning for Business Success’ mini-series with Kim Archer from BDR, a company that provides training and coaching services to the HVAC industry.

Selling Your Membership Programs

In Part 2 of the ‘Building a recurring income model into your trade business with memberships’ series, Parker Williams shares with us his insights on what we need to know to be able to properly and successfully sell your membership as a trade businesses

Optimizing for an Ever-Growing and Juicy Sales Pipeline


In the second episode of the series, Ryan discussed what businesses need to know about sales pipelines and how it can help them grow. Owners, especially those who are just starting in the business world, need to be relatable. Potential customers need to see that businesses engage with the community because they have other goals aside from profit. When potential customers see this, they become more eager to transact with such companies.

How to Win More Work with Less Effort by Selling versus Bidding


In the first part of this series, we delve deep into the bidding versus selling process. We need to see business from a new perspective instead of just making the calls, crunching numbers, and passively waiting for results to happen. You will learn as much as I did about creating relationships rather than just gaining clients.

Resisting the ‘Discount Pressure’


At the end of the day, if you don’t have decent margins in your business, you will go bust. In this podcast, we learn how to ensure you’re making money.