Communication, Leadership, and Team Building

Communication, Leadership, and Team Building Site

This week’s podcast episode is what my guest, Chris Koch of BDR, talks about. We discuss the importance of communication and how to communicate better in a way that the receiver understands. Chris also talks about why one must be receptive to changes and desire to improve constantly. We also share our thoughts on attracting the right talent and how leaders should not be afraid to train their people, and a whole lot more.

Your Path to Freedom

Your Path to Freedom

In today’s podcast episode, we have a lengthy but meaningful conversation around this topic with my guest Barry Magliarditi. Barry openly shares about the challenges he encountered in his business and how he’s overcome it. He talks about the importance of upgrading your mindset first before anything else. He also discusses the process he uses to increase productivity in his personal life and business. We also touch on the different chapters in his book, The Path to Freedom.

What Should Be in Your Contract?

What Should Be in Your Contract

In part one of this miniseries, Karalynn Cromeens of The Cromeens Law Firm joins us to share her extensive knowledge about contracts — the necessary things you need to add in the draft and the kind of people you need to watch out for.

How the Apple vs Facebook Feud Will Affect Your Trade Business

How the Apple vs Facebook Feud Will Affect Your Trade Business

In this podcast episode, my guest Ilana Wechsler, gives us the details regarding the feud happening between Apple and Facebook. She talks about software updates to the iPhone that will allow users to opt-in or out of Facebook’s data tracking. Ilana also gives the steps that you should do when you log-in to your Facebook ads account. We also tackle why it’s important that you don’t place all your eggs in one basket.

A Curation of Wisdom from Recording 300 Podcasts

A Curation of Wisdom from Recording 300 Podcasts

In this week’s episode, I talk about all the things I have learned from recording 300 podcasts. More than a celebration of reaching the 300th episode in podcasting, I celebrate the learnings gained. So I aim to give you a treasure trove of wisdom that I consider valuable in helping you further yourself and your business.

A Better Way – It’s Easy!

A Better Way - It’s Easy

In this last episode of our series with Shawn Feurer, we talk about the better way to reach your goals. Shawn explains what the law of attraction is and what it is not. He also discusses the importance of raising one’s vibration and understanding what actually makes you excited. Shawn then challenges the audience to give themselves the permission to dream.

The Power of Your Mind

The Power of Your Mind Site

In the second part of this series with Shawn, we talk about the power of the mind. Shawn gives us a glimpse into what visualization looks like and how everything starts with the mind.

The Knowing-Doing Gap

The Knowing-Doing Gap

We discuss this in detail in the first of the three-part series with Shawn Feurer. He gives us insight into the knowing-doing gap and how the subconscious plays a huge role in this gap. Shawn also shares the common paradigms that contractors and tradies have. He then challenges the listeners of this podcast episode to think big and start identifying what holds you back from accomplishing the big stuff.

Pulling Your Story Together

Pulling Your Story Together Site

In the last part of the Building Trust and Rapport by Becoming a Great Storyteller series, we invite Bill Mueller and I talk about the type of content to use and what mediums to use that will best reach your customers. We also tackle how you can extract stories and content from projects that you do. We will also share how you can use videos to your advantage and repurpose it however you want.