How the Apple vs Facebook Feud Will Affect Your Trade Business

How the Apple vs Facebook Feud Will Affect Your Trade Business

In this podcast episode, my guest Ilana Wechsler, gives us the details regarding the feud happening between Apple and Facebook. She talks about software updates to the iPhone that will allow users to opt-in or out of Facebook’s data tracking. Ilana also gives the steps that you should do when you log-in to your Facebook ads account. We also tackle why it’s important that you don’t place all your eggs in one basket.

Pulling Your Story Together

Pulling Your Story Together Site

In the last part of the Building Trust and Rapport by Becoming a Great Storyteller series, we invite Bill Mueller and I talk about the type of content to use and what mediums to use that will best reach your customers. We also tackle how you can extract stories and content from projects that you do. We will also share how you can use videos to your advantage and repurpose it however you want.

Laying Your Storytelling Foundation: Know Your Customers

Laying Your Storytelling Foundation Know Your Customers_site

This week, we have the second episode in the Building Trust and Rapport by Becoming a Great Storyteller series. We invited Story Sales Machine’s Bill Mueller to continue where we left off and talk about the importance of engaging your customers.

Why Your Story Matters More Than Ever

Why Your Story Matters More Than Ever

We welcome you to the first episode of the series, Building Trust and Rapport by Becoming a Great Storyteller. The Story Sales Machine’s Bill Mueller joins us to talk about the importance of storytelling in any industry, specifically in sales, and using email as a powerful storytelling tool. We also cover the art of tying stories into mundane and otherwise routine tasks to create stronger engagements, and ultimately, tradie-customer relationships.

Converting More Leads by Showcasing Your Expertise

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In today’s episode, photography and video specialist, Aaron McKay discuss the importance of having a website and a well-curated project gallery. Project galleries serve as touchpoints for promising clients and possibly be the final push they need to acquire your services. Furthermore, we discuss the advantages of using drones in content creation in any field of work. May it be in construction or agriculture.

How to Obtain Winning Reviews for Your Business

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In this episode, we put the spotlight on reviews and testimonials. Joe Mikitish is with us today as we dive into the entire landscape including how to obtain reviews, where to put them up, and making them a part of your process.

Creating a Content Creation Plan

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In Part 2 of our ‘Mastering storytelling’ series, Dan and Dani talk about building out the content creation strategy including who to involve, tools to use, and how to deploy it.

Laying the Foundations of Successful Content Creation

In Part 1 of our ‘Mastering Storytelling’ series, we welcome back Dan and Dani from The Block and Healthy Homes Australia. Having reached the pinnacle of content creation, both Dan and Dani are here to talk about laying the foundations of successful content creation.

Using LinkedIn to Create Business Opportunities

Today’s episode is the third and final instalment of our LinkedIn series with the Underdog Agency founder, Jacob Bracey. In the last episode, we talked about understanding the value of LinkedIn as a platform. In this episode, we’re here to talk about engagement and outreach strategies that work.