Becoming an Employer of Choice

Becoming an Employer of Choice

In the final episode with Tony Fraser-Jones, we talk about how you, as an employer and entrepreneur, attract and keep the best talent to scale and expand your business.

Happy Staff – Using Internal Net Promoter Score (NPS)

Happy Staff - Using Internal Net Promoter Score (NPS)

This episode is part two of the series: Planning, Attracting And Keeping Amazing Staff. Tony Fraser-Jones and I dive deep into this exciting topic. Tony explains the Net Promoter Score and how you can use it to gauge if your staff are happy working with you. He also gives tips on the frequency of using this tool and how you can roll this out to your team.

How To Forecast Your Team Building

How To Forecast Your Team Building

My guest Tony Fraser-Jones of Profitable Tradie talks about this topic in the first part of the series: Planning, Attracting And Keeping Amazing Staff. He shares his strategic view when building, hiring and creating a great team. Tony also enlightens us about the importance of finding good team members and how good backend organisation improves business profitability.

What You Should Be Outsourcing

What You Should Be Outsourcing

In this episode, Tom Martin of Virtual Trade Assistant and I will cover the importance of outsourcing in facilitating business growth. We will also help you understand when and what you should outsource in your business. Plus, we will discuss the steps you need to take and the variables you need to look into before hiring a virtual assistant.

What the Successful Companies Do to Retain Their Employees


In this third and final episode of this ‘Creating an Amazing Employee experience’ I talk with Erica and Stephen of Power Selling Pros. We delve into practices that successful companies implement to retain their employees. We also discuss why a company culture that is designed with intention is important for your company and the people who work for you and many more.

What’s Your Purpose?


In today’s podcast episode, Erica and Stephen of Power Selling Pros join me once again for Part 2 of the series ‘Creating an Amazing Employee Experience’. We talk about how most companies lack a mission statement and what it does. We also discuss why it’s not wise to copy and paste purpose statements of other companies. We also tackle practical ways for companies to start crafting purpose statements that align with who they are.

Why Your Employee Experience Probably Sucks


In the first episode of the three-part series called “Creating an Amazing Employee Experience”, I welcome Stephen Dale and Erica Leonor, professional trainers at Power Selling Pros. Stephen, Erica, and I discuss why paying attention and conversing with employees impacts the business, the values of having a savings account, and the difference between paying people and appreciating their efforts. We also highlight why leadership plays a crucial role in molding the roadmap to success.

Why Hiring for Skills is Killing Your Business

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In this third and last episode of the Creative Recruiting series, Ryan and I will conclude this informative conversation with recruitment key points and takeaways. We will talk about why you should hire people with the right attitude, why your company’s core values and the applicant’s personal values need to be aligned, and why a bad hire is costly.

Creating a Recruiting Engine

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In this second episode of the Creative Recruiting series, Ryan and I will discuss the little ecosystem he has created which has greatly impacted many businesses, particularly in their recruitment process. We will also talk about how employees impact your profit, the importance of the employee perspective in your business, and why core values dictate the direction of your company.

The Recruitment Attraction Model

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In this first episode of a three-part series called Creative Recruiting, I will be joined by Ryan Englin, the CEO of Core Matters. Ryan and I will be discussing how attracting the right people to join your team creates a difference.