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Are you Building your Asset? Matt and Jon Dale have a Discussion

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Guest: Jon Dale from Small Fish Business Coaching

Running a business is not a simple one-step process. It has many aspects you should learn about, especially when you’re aiming for success. The beauty in it is that every business owner can come up with their own strategy. 

Today’s episode is a fantastic discussion about how trade businesses can approach the topic of building assets, using automation, and re-engaging with their customers. The continuous exchange of brilliant ideas and opinions here is something you wouldn’t want to miss. 

Do you want to stand out from the competition? Do you want to hear from different perspectives? Tune in now and learn how to grow your business. 

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About this ‘Podcast with Jon Dale’

Podcast Highlights:


  • 05:00 – Three different types of trade businesses
  • 07:06 – Relationship marketing
  • 14:05 – How email marketing and good content works
  • 21:18 – Increasing the customers’ lifetime value
  • 25:27 – Keeping control of your assets
  • 33:35 – Why people invest in marketing
  • 36:25 – Building an asset for your business
  • 43:43 – Nurturing relationships
  • 58:27 – Creating useful content and changing your perspective
  • 1:07:15 – Proper Data collection and reporting

This episode shares an interesting discussion between two different views about automated marketing. We provide the breakdown of effective email marketing, customer re-engagement, and creating a secure database. With this, I hope you’ll be able to apply this practical knowledge to your business.


About Our Guest

Jon Dale is an experienced business coach from Small Fish Business Coaching. With more than ten years under his belt, he guides business owners and builders on creating, growing, and scaling a profitable business. You can reach Jon through their website or LinkedIn.


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