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Getting Things Done


David Allen

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Matt Jones

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July 25th, 2021

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Why did I read this book and what did I hope to get out of it?

I read this book because I wanted to learn a better way of managing tasks, projects and to-do lists.

I needed to create a system for capturing and storing things that I [at some stage] need to action, so I am always prioritising important things and always have something of value to work on at all times.

Did I learn from this book, what I hoped?


What were my takeaways?

  1. I took the information from this book and created a complete task management system in my project management tool, click up. I have been able to take the principles of this book to create a version 1.0 flow that works for me and as a result, I have been incredibly more focussed and much more productive.
  2. I love the 5 steps of project management
    a. Capture
    b. Clarify
    c. Organise
    d. Reflect
    e. Engage

I took from this book what I needed now. There were parts of it that in truth, i didn’t fully embrace, because I had a focussed problem to solve, and I was working to achieve that.

I’m sure I missed a lot of important aspects, however I am so happy to get from it what I did.

Who would I recommend this book to and why?

Literally anyone that wants to be better organised.

This book will help you create processes (provided you implement what you learn), that will free your mind up mentally and creatively. If you’re a person who forgets things, this is a game-changing read.


As mentioned, what I have created off the back of this book is ‘my version 1.0’. I’m on an ever evolving quest to better optimise and improve the way I do things and this process has been an amazing evolution for me.

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