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Series: OH&S Made Easy

Cohost: Shayne Connolly from Keep It Simple Safety

Series Overview.

Occupational health and safety is an area of business, that no one can afford to neglect.
With increasing onsite compliance, it’s never been more important to not only protect yourself from potential occupational risks, but also protect your employees.

Although it’s a topic that most of us don’t like to address, realistically it’s relevant to all of us.

In this series on joined by Shane from Keep It Simple Safety. Shane is an expert in occupational health and safety and he also is an expert at simplifying, what can be a complicated business necessity.

Episode 3. The Future Of OH&S

One thing is for sure, OH&S is not going anywhere.

Will it get more strict? Perhaps. Will there be more and more red tape to comply with? Perhaps. In this podcast, Shayne and I talk about the direction that OH&S is heading and what we can do now to be prepared for it. It’s never going to disappear, so we may as well learn how to best embrace and implement it.

Episode 1 – What is OH&S
Episode 2 – Capturing and Recording OH&S Documentation

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