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In this podcast, we learn about how a roof garden project turned into a community building exercise

Guest: Sonia Beder (Resident at 38 Westbury Street, St Kilda)

If you missed the last episode with Stuart Tyler from Fytogreen on ‘roof gardens’ and ‘garden wall solutions’, go back and check it out at [this link]. It was Stuart that put me in touch with Sonia and I’m glad that he did.

In the previous podcast we spoke about the wonderful world of green roofs and green walls, however in this podcast we hear about it from a different angle.

Today’s guest has ‘walked the walk’. Sonia Bedner resides at 38 Westbury Street in St Kilda East (Melbourne, Victoria), however unlike her neighbouring buildings, Sonia’s roof top has been turned into a roof garden.

Yes, that is a great story all by itself, however in this podcast Sonia shares with me the journey that 38 Westbury St enjoyed through out the process of transforming their otherwise unused rooftop into a flourishing ecosystem of flora and fauna.

We learn about the obstacles that had to be overcome, as well as the serendipities, including the incredible community that has developed and strengthened as a result of the project.

If you’re considering getting a rooftop garden on your property, this is the story you’ll want to hear.

You can check out 38 Westbury Street’s (awesome) blog at

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