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Naked Marketing With Devon Dilly

Note: This podcast is an audio extract form The Site Shed’s Naked Marketing YouTube playlist.
To see all of the frameworks that we speak about and run through in this audio, head across to YouTube and check out this episode.

Naked Marketing is where we get a client, or guest on the show to talk about how their current marketing might be improved.

We look into what’s currently going on and what might be able to be done to make it perform better.

In this podcast, I (Matt Jones) am joined by our resident marketing guru, Will, alongside our guest, Mr Devon Tilley, from Mountain View Door and Window out of Colorado in the USA to talk about his business.

Devon also runs ‘The Art Of Construction’ podcast which largely speaks to Architects.

  • You can catch me on The Art Of Construction podcast at this link.
  • You can catch Devon on The Site Shed podcast at this link.
  • This is the audio extract from the recording that you can catch on youtube at this link.
  • You can subscribe to the Naked Marketing playlist on YouTube by visiting this link.
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