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Part One – A Step-By-Step Framework On How to Create Your LinkedIn Profile

Series: How to Use LinkedIn as a Tradie
Guest: Jacob Bracey, founder and director of Underdog Agency

LinkedIn is a powerful tool to connect with other people, companies, and organizations for job opportunities. Even if you think you don’t need this platform, it is an excellent avenue for you to expand your network, among many other benefits. However, setting up a LinkedIn profile and using it to attract clients has been a constant dilemma for many tradies.

You will learn all about maximizing your LinkedIn page in our How to Use LinkedIn as a Tradie series. For the first instalment, our guest–the founder and director of Underdog Agency, Jacob Bracey, talks about the proper way to create a LinkedIn profile to help you find potential customers.

After all, if you’re starting a business and you want to take advantage of different online platforms such as LinkedIn, it is a must that you present yourself and your business correctly and professionally.

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      About this podcast, ‘A Step-By-Step Framework On How to Create Your LinkedIn Profile’

      Podcast Highlights:

      • 7:15 – About Underdog Agency
      • 10:48 – Customizing LinkedIn URL
      • 12:55 – Your LinkedIn profile photo
      • 16:50 Service tagline on your profile
      • 19:30 – LinkedIn connections and contacts
      • 21:05 – Expanding about your service in the “About” section
      • 24:31 – Posting and sharing activities relevant to your service 
      • 29:10 – Elaborating on your past job experiences
      • 30:03 – Your educational background
      • 31:31 – Showcasing your skills on your profile
      • 33:14Recommendations from others

      In this episode, we’ll go through each section of a LinkedIn profile, its functions and importance, and how you can maximize it to reach out to different clients all over the world.

      The next instalment of this series will focus on understanding why LinkedIn is useful in the realm of business and pointing out its advantages in connecting with clients. Hopefully, this video would give you a headstart to make your business flourish.


      About Our Guest

      Jacob Bracey is the founder of the digital marketing agency, Underdog Agency. By using powerful strategies and making use of LinkedIn as a lead generation channel, Underdog Agency helps businesses grow by reaching new audiences and closing more deals. From manufacturers to suppliers and point of sale, Jacob and Underdog Agency aims to boost companies’ networks and pipelines with more opportunities.

      You can contact Jacob directly at You can also reach him on LinkedIn and WhatsApp.

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