Understanding Intellectual Property (IP) Law

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How up to speed are you with IP Law?

  • Guest – Anthony Verna
  • From – Verna Law
  • Podcast – The Law and Business Podcast
  • IG – @vernalawpc

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Podcast Highlights

  • 04:39 – Legal jurisdiction
  • 06:07 – The worldwide patent myth
  • 06:49 – What is a patent
  • 07:20 – What is a trademark
  • 08:04 – What is copyright
  • 12:00 – A practical example
  • 18:01 – Doing patent research
  • 28:00 – Trading names
  • 35:12 – Domain names
  • 37:02 – The process of protecting IP

About this podcast, titled; ‘Trademarks, Copyright and Patents. Understanding Intellectual Property Law’.

The topic of IP Law can be quite a confusing subject. There are so many rabbit warrens that we can be led down in the space of IP (or Intellectual Property) legalities, so I set out in this podcast to dispel some of the myths and to bring some relatable clarity to some of the common areas.

Those areas being; patents, trademarks and copyright.

My guest on the podcast is IP Law expert, Anthony Verna from Vrna Law. Anthony did a great job of breaking down different areas of IP Law and making them apply to a trade/construction business.

IP protection is a big deal and there are things that we can do, to make sure that our businesses and our assets are safe and protected. During this podcast, I learned the following:

  • Patents are there to protect ideas and inventions
  • Trademarks protect brands as an asset
  • Copyright protects logos, slogans, colours and even shapes.

It was a really interesting conversation. One that I’m sure you’ll learn a lot from and one that I hope will one day protect you from getting into trouble.


Anthony has left behind this handy ‘IP Law Checklist’ for you to download.

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