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How to build a business for exit

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About this podcast

How many times have you heard from a coach, or in a podcast, or read in a book, the old cliché saying, “you should always begin with the end in mind!”

We all go into business for various reasons. Sometimes it’s for the right reasons and sometimes, it’s not. Either way, for the majority of us, we don’t have a clear path to exit. In this podcast, we learn about the art of building a business with an exit strategy from a man that has done it, is doing it and now teaches tradies and contractors to do just that.

“Why the heck what I want to build a business to exit it?”, you might be asking.

Having a defined goal on the strategy behind leaving a business is a very powerful tool in a business’s arsenal. It’s appealing to investors, it’s appealing to partners and it keeps the organisation on a clear path.

The reality is, however that the chance of someone wanting to acquire your business is very low.

Why? Well, simply because most businesses are not set up to be purchased. They don’t have the correct processes in place, they don’t have the right team in place and they don’t have a business system that can be taken over by another person, or organisation.

In today’s podcast, we learn how to set out from the beginning with the end in mind. It’s a very powerful lesson and one I hope you implement.

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