Everything You Need to Know About Insurance Panel Discussion

Drawing a close to the ‘Everything You Need to Know About Insurance’ series, today’s episode will be a panel discussion, and we’re back with insurance specialists Dan Blatch and Jeremy Andison. In this episode, we will help you understand the differences and crossovers with the insurance policies we discussed in the first two episodes.

Insurance Policies for Tradies: What You Need to Have

This is the second episode of the ‘Everything You Need to Know About Insurance’ series. Today, Jeremy Andison and I talk about how having the right policies in place is critical not only in protecting your life and physical self but also in guarding your business.

Safeguarding You and Your Family’s Future

This is the first episode of the ‘Everything You Need to Know About Insurance’ series. Today, we’ll cover topics such as business-related insurance and how you can create incentives around it to help retain staff. We also talk about family and life insurance, as well as income protection policies.

Selling Your Trade Business

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In the last episode of this series, Brandon shares the actual process involved in selling and buying a business. This process requires professionals who specialize in business valuations and transactions. If you want to sell or buy a business, you need to get in touch with attorneys, marketers, and consultants for due diligence and a proper and legitimate process.

Preparing Your Trade Business For Sale

After evaluating your business, the second step is to prepare it for selling. This preparation is challenging, but it’ll be easier with the help of the right professionals and the right mindset.

In this episode, Brandon shared a list of things you will need to prepare your business for sale. The first on the list is to have a service and replacement residential work mix. The second is to have proper management in place. The third on the list is about updating your assets. He also noted that service agreements and warranties are essential aspects.

Valuing Your Trade Business – What You Need to Understand


Twenty years ago, entrepreneurs believed they could not sell their businesses. Today, people are opting to sell their businesses, primarily if the company can be sold on fair market value.

Buying or selling a business has its processes. A company’s financial status is not the sole factor in valuing a business. Its’ goodwill or its intangible assets are also taken into consideration.

In this episode, Brandon shares his knowledge of the processes involved in selling a business, and also shares insights on how to increase your company’s value.

Upfront Pricing Isn’t Magic, It’s Science and Consistency


In this series, Marcel dives into the fundamentals of getting paid. For our first episode, it’s all about upfront pricing—it’s science and consistency. How should you set up your company, so you never have to worry about chasing bills? With upfront pricing, you can reduce huge overheads in expenses and chasing debts and, at the same time, cut all your personal, business, and financial stress.

How Darren 4-X’d His Electrical Business In 7 Months


In this episode, Darren shares his transition from being an electrician to a business owner. He emphasizes the importance of seeking the help of a business coach who can guide you to grow your business, just like he did with Hiscocks Electrical. He also sought other guides such as business books to help him change his perspective about business.

How to Build a Business That Runs Without You


Businesses of any size, at some point, will need to create systems, especially if they have any intention of growing and scaling. Creating an operation manual and having an established organisational structure are fundamental steps to having the right systems in place with the right people you need.