The Past and Future of Solar Power

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In this week’s podcast episode I talk with Gareth Felton, founder and director of GreenElec. Our discussion revolves around how solar power has evolved and the technologies developed within the solar space.

Streamlining Company Processes

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In this third and final installment of the series ‘Creating the ultimate communication framework in your trade business’, we talk with Aaron Salow. He provides us with an understanding of how streamlining processes work, where does one start with implementation, workflow, the need to be proactive with customers, and a lot more.

The Impact of Technology in Modern Business

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In Part 1 of our ‘Creating the ultimate communication framework in your trade business’ series, we have Aaron Salow from XOi, a technology made to support field service companies. With years working blue-collar jobs, Aaron knows what tradie guys need. We talk about the role technology plays in building trust, how to improve adoption, the benefits brought by technology, and more.

How to Make Sure Your Business is Ready for Sale

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In this episode with Helen Kay, The Contracts Lawyer, she emphasises the importance of getting help from experienced professionals to help with the sale of one’s business and the tasks that business owners can do themselves to make sure the sale goes smoothly.

How to Make Sure You Get Paid

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In this podcast episode, we will talk with Helen Kay, The Contracts Lawyer. She is going to enlighten us by providing helpful tips on how to get paid.