The 7 Power Contractor

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Book review number 4

Welcome to book review number 4, brought to you by The Site Shed podcast, one of the worlds leading business podcasts for tradies and contractors. Check it out at and subscribe on iTunes, or Android to receive notifications of new podcasts.
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The purpose of these reviews is to give you a small summary of the book so that you can make up your mind as to whether, or not you want to go and read it yourself.

Title – The 7 Power Contractor

Author – Al Levi

This book is a MUST READ for any tradie/contractor. It’s short, so you can power through it and the way it’s written makes it very easy to digest the content and action principles from within.

The principles that Al talks about in this book are big business things, that have been perfectly sculpted to suit trade-based organisations. It uses ‘organisational structure’ as a foundation and then dives deep into the frameworks and the methodologies that bring it all to life. 

You can get a copy at Amazon, or from
*Format – Paperback, eBook, Audiobook

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