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Creating Your Vision Statement

Creating Your Vision Statement
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Many trades business owners make the mistake of not taking the time to build the foundation of their business and yet seek progress. Progress, however, is only possible when you have created a solid foundation for your business. This foundation is composed of three elements, the vision statement, being fundamental to everything. 

This topic is the focus of today’s conversation with Barry Magliarditi of Tradie Business School. He shares why it is important to have a vision in place. He also talks about the ways trades business owners can start creating their vision statement. Barry also imparts why the focus should not be on perfecting your vision statement, but in progress. 

If you’re someone who wants to build a solid foundation for your trades business. This episode is something you need to tune into today.

What’s Discussed In This Episode:

0:00 The Opportunity Assessment

1:54 Welcome back, Barry! 

4:07 Barry shares about his businesses and coaching programs 

6:16 What Barry believes should be a business owner’s first goal 

8:35 Three things to have to create a sustainable business 

13:00 Make progress by doing the right things in the first place 

13:26 Vision is fundamental of everything 

14:32 Three reasons we want to have a vision in place 

16:48 Process of creating a vision 

18:41 Three things to avoid when creating a vision 

22:02 The vision has to start with you 

25:10 Drawing the line between business and personal vision 

27:19 What would you like? 

27:38 What would you want? 

28:33 If you had that, what would that do for you?

33:11 The vision statement is not something material 

35:42 The focus needs to be on progress, not perfection

About Our Guest

Barry Magliarditi is the founder and director of business coaching juggernaut, The Game Changers. Having built a 7-figure kitchen renovation business in his previous life as a carpenter, Barry has first-hand knowledge of the priorities and pressures of trades business owners. Today Barry brings his coaching expertise and business know-how to help other tradies build the business – and lifestyle – of their dreams.



Books mentioned in this episode: 


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