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How to Build a Business That Runs Without You


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How to Build a Business That Runs Without You

Guest: Al Levi, author of The 7-Power Contractor

Businesses of any size, at some point, will need to create systems, especially if they have any intention of growing and scaling. Creating an operation manual and having an established organisational structure are fundamental steps to having the right systems in place with the right people you need.

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About this podcast, ‘How to Build a Business That Runs Without You’

Podcast Highlights:

  • 01:10 – About Al Levi and his book
  • 03:32 – The necessity of an operating manual
  • 06:46 – Organisational chart—the place to start
  • 11:30 – How Al began teaching about and writing operating manuals, the CSR manual
  • 16:00 – Your organisational chart, staffing, and accessibility of operating manuals
  • 18:33 – How is an operating manual beneficial?
  • 20:49 – Learning to write a manual, and taking the time to train your people
  • 29:41 – Improving and developing your manuals
  • 30:50 – The importance of structured meetings
  • 32:16 – Al’s journey and lessons from teaching, consultations, and workshops

Back with us in this episode is Al Levi, and he talks us through the importance and benefits of, and how to create operating manuals for your business. Unlike memos, manuals are a two-way conversation with your employees and serve as a more effective way to streamline the processes you have in place.

For anything you have to do more than once, create a manual. Once you define and write your manual and adequately train your employees, there’s little need to go over your processes and instructions repeatedly. Your team can quickly consult their manual. That’s made even more accessible if it is in digital format because the copy they have is updated. Al also reminds everyone of the importance of improving your manuals as things change.

You can contact Al through this email: [email protected]
Al’s The 7-Power Contractor: Run Your Contracting Business With Less Stress and More Success Book
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