407 – Winning the Day: Top Contractor Sales Strategies Revealed

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In the competitive world of contracting, mastering effective sales strategies is crucial for success. In this episode of The Site Shed podcast, Matt Jones and Tom Reba from The Contractor Fight dive deep into contractor sales strategies that can transform your business. Let’s explore the key insights and actionable tips they discussed.

In today’s episode, we’re continuing the conversation with Tom Reba from The Contractor Fight, focusing on contractor sales strategies that can significantly boost your business. Tom emphasizes the importance of personal discipline and honouring commitments. One powerful strategy he discusses is the concept of “Unexpected Intentional Touches” (UITS). This method involves reaching out to past clients regularly to generate leads from your existing database.

Building Customer Relationships Through Consistent Follow-Up

Tom explains how consistent follow-ups can lead to substantial business growth. By sending three UITS a day, contractors can convert approximately 5% of these touches into new projects annually. This translates to about 40 new jobs a year, a significant boost for any contractor.

Matt and Tom highlight the importance of treating past customers as a goldmine. Instead of constantly seeking new leads, focusing on re-engaging past clients can yield better results. According to statistics, retaining a past customer is eight to nine times more likely than acquiring a new one.

Discipline in Sales: The Key to Success

Sales success often boils down to personal discipline. Tom shares that many salespeople fail because they get distracted and don’t follow through on their commitments. He stresses the importance of doing the small, mundane tasks consistently, as these actions compound over time to produce significant results.

Tom also shares an exercise where he has salespeople send a UIT to a customer during a workshop. Almost every time, someone closes a deal by the end of the session. This demonstrates the power of consistent, disciplined follow-up.

Leveraging Social Media for Sales

Another crucial point discussed is the effective use of social media. Many salespeople overlook the potential of social media as a powerful sales tool. Tom suggests using social media to showcase your company’s projects, team, and successes. This transparency builds trust and showcases the quality of your work, attracting more potential clients.

Avoiding Mediocre Sales Days

Tom introduces the concept of “mediocre sales days,” which occur when salespeople fail to control what they can control. By not checking off their daily non-negotiable tasks, they leave money on the table. He shares that an average salesperson has about two mediocre sales days a week, which adds up to 100 mediocre days a year. This lack of discipline can cost a salesperson with a $2 million goal approximately three-quarters of a million dollars annually.

Peel, Don’t Pounce: The Art of Asking Questions

A critical sales technique Tom discusses is “Peel, Don’t Pounce.” Instead of jumping to sell at the first sign of interest, successful salespeople ask questions to understand their clients’ needs deeply. By peeling back the layers of a prospect’s responses, salespeople can uncover the real issues and provide tailored solutions. This approach builds trust and leads to higher conversion rates.

Customising Sales Processes

Tom and Matt agree that a customized sales process is more effective than a one-size-fits-all approach. Each client is unique, and salespeople should adapt their strategies to meet individual needs. This personalization sets you apart from competitors and demonstrates genuine interest in solving your clients’ problems.

Key Takeaways

  • Unexpected Intentional Touches (UITS): Consistently reach out to past clients to generate new leads.
  • Focus on Past Customers: Re-engaging past clients is more cost-effective and likely to succeed than acquiring new ones.
  • Discipline is Key: Successful sales rely on consistent, disciplined actions.
  • Leverage Social Media: Use social media to showcase your projects and build trust with potential clients.
  • Avoid Mediocre Sales Days: Control what you can control and complete your non-negotiable tasks daily.
  • Peel, Don’t Pounce: Ask questions to understand your clients’ needs deeply.
  • Customise Your Sales Process: Tailor your approach to meet the unique needs of each client.


In summary, mastering contractor sales strategies requires discipline, consistent follow-up, and a personalized approach. By implementing techniques like UITS, leveraging social media, avoiding mediocre sales days, and asking the right questions, contractors can significantly improve their sales performance. Remember, success in sales is an inside-out game. Focus on what you can control, stay disciplined, and always strive to build meaningful relationships with your clients.

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