406 – Unlocking Sales Success with Tom Reber: Sell Unafraid

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In a recent episode of The Site Shed podcast, host Matt Jones sat down with Tom Reber, founder of The Contractor Fight, to discuss the secrets of sales success in the home improvement industry. Tom shared his journey, insights on personal discipline, and strategies for becoming an elite salesperson. This conversation is packed with valuable lessons on how to elevate your sales game by focusing on personal growth and effective communication.

The Importance of Personal Discipline

Tom Reber’s philosophy centers around the idea that success is an inside-out game. He believes that the strength of your business is a direct reflection of your personal discipline and the commitments you make to yourself. This involves taking care of your mind and body, maintaining a healthy work-life balance, and consistently showing up prepared for each sales opportunity.

Connecting with Prospects

One of the key takeaways from Tom’s discussion is the importance of truly connecting with your prospects. He emphasizes the need to peel back the layers and understand what motivates your customers. Instead of pouncing on the first opportunity to sell, Tom advises salespeople to ask probing questions and listen actively. This approach not only builds rapport but also helps you understand the real needs and desires of your customers.

The Role of Empathy in Sales

Empathy is a crucial component of successful sales. By showing genuine concern and understanding for your prospects’ situations, you differentiate yourself from the competition. Tom highlights the importance of slowing down the sales process and meeting people where they are. This empathetic approach can significantly enhance your ability to connect with customers and close deals.

Overcoming Mediocre Sales Days

Tom introduces the concept of mediocre sales days, which are days when salespeople fail to complete the tasks they have control over. He argues that eliminating these mediocre days can lead to substantial improvements in sales performance. By focusing on daily activities such as follow-up calls, prospecting, and maintaining a positive mindset, salespeople can maximize their potential and achieve greater success.

Utilising Social Media and Personalised Outreach

Tom stresses the importance of leveraging social media and personalized outreach to build relationships and generate leads. Simple actions like sending unexpected intentional touches (UITs) or writing handwritten notes can create meaningful connections with prospects and past customers. Consistently engaging with your audience through social media can also help establish your brand and attract new business.

Key Takeaways

  • Success is an Inside-Out Game: Personal discipline and self-care are foundational to sales success. Take care of yourself to ensure you can perform at your best.
  • Peel, Don’t Pounce: Instead of rushing to sell, take the time to understand your prospects’ true motivations. Ask questions and listen actively to build a genuine connection.
  • Show Empathy: Demonstrate empathy in your interactions with prospects. Meet them where they are and provide solutions that address their specific needs.
  • Eliminate Mediocre Sales Days: Focus on controlling the activities you have power over. Consistently complete your daily tasks to avoid leaving potential sales on the table.
  • Leverage Social Media and Personalized Outreach: Use social media to engage with your audience and personalize your outreach efforts to build stronger relationships and generate leads.


Tom Reber’s insights highlight the importance of personal discipline, empathy, and effective communication in achieving sales success. By focusing on these principles, salespeople can elevate their performance and make a lasting impact on their customers. The journey to sales success is continuous and requires dedication, but the rewards are well worth the effort.

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The Site Shed is one of the best online communities and podcasts for tradies out there. The free content provided to members is unbelievable - offering invaluable advice to run a successful business, and the community of tradies is truly awesome. Do yourself a favour and check it out.

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Great work Matt with all the podcasts and the site shed facebook community group. The amount of information that you can learn for free in this space is unbelieveable. It's great to see like minded contractors and trades trying to improve their businesses and also share ideas and help others. Highly recommend. Thanks!

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I have been listening to the pod casts for a few months now, I can't get enough of all the awesome content that you guys provide. Especially when you guys deliver it from a trade perspective which helps out a lot. Keep up the good work and hopefully one day I can afford one of the trade training trips.

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I own a construction company,and i love learning how to make my bussiness more competitive,profitable and how to better serve my clients. The site shed is a wonderful place to get invaluable knowledge no matter your trade .

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