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12 Elements To A GREAT Website

eBook by Tradie Web Guys.

This book offers a valuable insight into the areas that need to be considered when looking at getting a website built. It includes tips and even questions that you should be asking potential contractors.

The power of positive pricing spreadsheet, guide & video

From Service Professionals Australia

Allan and the team have left behind some awesome FREEBIES for you guys to get your mitts on.

There’s a complete guide on the power of positive pricing, along with a spreadsheet that you can take and make your own. He’s also included a walkthrough video that takes you through the whole process, so you don’t get stuck!

FREE frameworks, templates and number tracking spreadsheet

From BT Academy

No joke, Danny has left behind FOR YOU the most amazing templates, frameworks and business tools, you’ll likely ever get your hands on.

There’s cut and paste templates for hiring and job posting, there’s how to videos to follow and there’s even an absolutely incredible figure tracking spreadsheet that took Danny and his team over 50 hours to create…and a video on how to use it (available from episode two).

How to take home 6 figures.

eBook from Tom Reber at Motor Hard

This is a FREE eBook from Tom, which sets a roadmap for helping you take home over g$100,000 in your trade, or contracting business. Tom’s a guru on goal setting also. Check out his podcasts

Your all-in-one marketing guide.

From Will and the team at Growth Labz

This amazing resource was provided by the team at Growth Labz, off the back of the INSANE three part marketing series we recorded. Here are the links in case you missed them.

Is ‘Flatrate Pricing’ a fit for you?

pdf from Plumbing Profits

If you’re on the fence about flatrate pricing, this useful single page pdf should help you make a decision.

Get your FREE innovation strategy map!

From: Nils and the team at Innovation Blueprint

If you’re looking to innovate your business, it’s time to take some action.
This Innovation Strategy Map from Nils and the Innovation Blueprint team of geniuses has worked over and over again, for both large and small businesses.

It’s amazing and you’ll love it, so grab it now.

FREE cheat sheets and infographics

From: Greg and the epic team at Trades Coaching

Talk about value adding. Greg and the team at Trades Coaching have seriously gone above and beyond this time with these incredible resources.

  • How to stand out from your competition checklist
  • How to stand out from your competition infographic
  • How to qualify prospects to STOP wasting your time infographic
  • How to get paid for bids, quotes and proposals infographic

Authority Content

eBook by David Jenyns.

This is a preview of an awesome book that outlines a unique method of competing in competitive markets by becoming an authority.

Tradies Technology Checklist

eBook by TradiePad.

This document offers a valuable insight into all of the tools a tradesperson will need to make sure that they are running a modern business.

Discounting Dangers Matrix and Checklist

eBook by Trained To Sell

These amazing documents offer a clear overview into:
a.) The dangers associated with discounting
b.) A better understanding of how you can ascertain your true overheads.


From Cube Consulting Group.

As a former plumber, Matt from Cube Consulting Group has an immense amount of experience in running his own trade business. After a 10 year stint in the corporate world, Matt learned ‘white collar’ techniques that he has been able to tailor beautifully for ‘blue collar’ businesses. This FREE assessment is a steal!

The 7 Power Contractor

Chapter one of the eBook (+bonus material) from Al Levi at Appleseed Business.

Al Levi is the master when it comes to innovative and creative business building solutions.
His ‘7 Power Contractor’ approach has been customised for trade businesses and offers incredible insights from a man that has applied the exact methodology into both his own business and that of customers right across the USA.

LED Lighting for Business

eBook by Outdoor Lumination

This eBook runs through the incredible advantages of LED lighting solutions. If you’re a builder, a sparkie, or even someone that uses lights 😉 this book is for you.


Test extracted from book, Personality Plus

Understanding people is so important both in business and life. This book absolutely changed my life back when I read it in the early 2000’s and I’m convinced it will do the same for you.
Note: This is not the actual book, it’s the personality test from within. Click here to take it.

Financial Quick Check

From ‘The Plumbers Wife, Ellen Rohr.

I’ve used this and it’s great. Go to the link above and download it. It will help you set your finances straight, while giving you an overview of where your business is at.

How to Lead Your Company in 22 Steps

eBook by Leadership Dynamics

This awesome book gives a step, by step blueprint on the winning leadership formula that Global Leadership consultant, Peter Cox employs with his clients.

FREE tools to keep you healthy and fit

During Tradies National Health Month in 2016, we had some fantastic guests on the show that generously left behind some awesome tools designed to keep tradies healthy and fit.

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